NEWSLETTER - Term 1 Week 6
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St Joseph's Student's Newsletter

Wednesday 15th March 2023


Janina, Jacob
Welcome to our new newsletter system; today's newsletter is a bit short as we learn how to use the new system.
LEGO is important as it helps us to develop. The senior students are going to a trip to the Spikes and Bricks to learn more about Lego.
As part of our leadership, we are going to set up Lego activities next term at lunchtime.


1. Teamwork and Social Skills
2. Communication and Language skills
3. Problem solving, Mathematics and Spatial Awareness
4. Creativity and Experimentation
5. Physical Development
6. Perseverance and Management of Frustrations
7. Self-Confidence
8. Lowering Anxiety and Stress
9. Patience
10. Focus and Concentration

Bunnings Bags.

Congratulations to Claudia, Carter and Luke, who received school bags with pencil cases, and lunchboxes from Bunnings in Whangamata.

Sponsors / Supporters Corner. PINNACLES CIVIL

What does your company do?
“We are civil engineering consultants.That means we design and help our clients look after things like roads, subdivisions, bridges and retaining walls.”

What do you do for sustainability?
“We are completely paperless - that means we store all our work like drawings, reports and calculations electronically. We don’t keep paper copies of anything. All our work also has to comply with the Resource Management Act. This means we have to consider the impacts of our projects on the environment.”

Where in the world do you and your employees travel to work?
“They work all over New Zealand . Most off them do a lot of driving”

What is one more fact that people reading our newsletter might find interesting ?
“Miss McCormack’s (Jan-Marie’s) son, Lucas, is doing his cadetship with us. That means he works for us while he studies towards his engineering diploma.”
Teachers STRIKE
New Zealand’s schools may close this week as 50,000 primary and secondary school teachers plan to strike.
The teachers need better pay and conditions to keep them in their jobs and to attract others to the profession. (Kiwi Kids News)

Upcoming Events

Week 7
Friday 17th March; Wheels Day
Week 8
Monday 20th March; St Joseph's Day Mass and activities
Tuesday 21st March; Hockey Big Day out - Ngatea
Thursday, 23rd March; Year 5/6 EPRO 8 team - Morrinsville Intermediate
Thursday 23rd March; Year 5/6 Rippa tournament
Thursday 23rd March; Year 7/8 EPRO 8 team - Thames
Week 9
Thursday 30th March; Caritas Fundraiser event
Week 10
Stations of the Cross (Day and Time TBC)

Our Wonderful Sponsors