Catholic Character

Mercy Charism

Charism is a gift of the Holy Spirit given to a person for the common good. It is the Spirit’s way of being present in our world.

Catherine McAuley lived in Ireland in the 1800s. She loved God very much, and she prayed every day. Catherine McAuley was sad to see so many young women with no place to live.  She saw children with no clothes or shoes to wear and some children did not have enough food to eat. She also saw young women with no jobs, and young children too poor to go to school.

How can Catherine McAuley inspire us?

Catherine McAuley was special because she loved God so much. She prayed and spent all her time helping others and leading others to God. Throughout her whole life, Catherine kept listening to God and doing what God was asking her to do.

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Mercy Charism alive at St Joseph’s

Catherine McAuley chose certain Gospel values that were important to her and that guided her decision-making, she asked the Sisters of Mercy also to follow those values to bring them closer to Christ. 

Panekiritanga – Excellence

Aroha – Compassion 

Manaakitanga – Hospitality

Te Tapu o Te Tangata – Respect

Rato/Awhina – Service

Tika – Social Justice

At St Joseph’s we strive to bring these values alive in our thoughts, words, actions and prayers.




Parish Priest: Fr Aidan Mulholland

Contact: (07) 863 8998

Catholic Character


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